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Why are teddy bears so popular?

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Why are teddy bears so popular?

Among many plush toys, plush teddy bears are one of the most popular images of the crowd. The most popular on the market today is theteddy bear image. Teddy Bear's favorite people are young and old, with a wide audience. It is the object of choice for consumers. Whether it is for children, friends, or for yourself, teddy bear plush toys are a perfect choice. So why is the teddy bear stuffed toy so loved?

This article explains from the following points:

  • How popular is the teddy bear?

  • The origin of the teddy bear

  • What are the benefits of the teddy bear?

  • Conclusion


How popular is the teddy bear?

The popularity of teddy bear plush toys is extraordinary, regardless of which toy is the top producer. The first must be Teddy Bear Plush toys.In the jewelry store, jewelry with teddy bears is always sold out first. If you have a teddy bear pendant, you may also come across people asking where you bought it. The various household tools made by the teddy bear stuffed toys are selling better. Almost everyone sees the teddy bear will say, OMG, so cute!

The origin of the teddy bear

The name of the teddy bear is derived from the US President Theodore · Roosevelt (Old Roosevelt), whose nickname is "Teddy." Old Roosevelt loved hunting very much. In 1902 he planned to hunt black bears in Mississippi, but after several days, he still couldn't find a bear.

Later, his assistant discovered a little black bear and tied the little black bear to the tree, so that Roosevelt could shoot. But the little black bear weighed less than half of the normal weight. Old Roosevelt had compassion for the little bear, so he refused to shoot the bear. He said that this is "no sportsmanship."

Roosevelt’s grief at the time was immediately spread. The next day, a cartoonist named Clifford Berryman painted the political cartoon and published it in the Washington Post.

The bear in the picture has round ears and big eyes like Mickey Mouse, and later became the origin of the teddy bear.

Later, a pair of Russian-American immigrants showed two teddy bears in their stores, claiming that the name was authorized by President Roosevelt, and German toy manufacturer Steiff also launched their teddy bears. Later, because of their unique The trademark is called "golden earrings teddy bear". In short, the teddy bear immediately became the most popular toy of the time.


What are the benefits of the teddy bear?

Because of its cute appearance and interesting story source, the teddy bear has become the first choice for many parents to buy stuffed toys for their children. ,

The appearance of the teddy bear plush toy is reminiscent of the cleverness and cuteness. Therefore, parents are very reassured that such a foreigner is in line with the child's aesthetic, and the cute child needs a cute doll to accompany him.

The design of the teddy bear stuffed toy is well-defined, making it easy for children to play and sleep while sleeping; it is also convenient for children to anthropomorphize their role-playing games. Together with its story background, it will give children more imagination.



Teddy bear plush toys have a long history. In the long river of history, the teddy bear has been preserved all the time, becoming a partner with the growth of generations of children, becoming a classic in stuffed toys. Even many people say that plush toys, the first impression in their minds is the teddy bear. This is enough to see the classicity of the teddy bear.

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