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When can a child sleep with a stuffed animal?

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When can a child sleep with a stuffed animal?

Nowadays, some parents are too busy working to give their children enough companionship, so they choose to give their children some small plush toys to accompany them. Some children may spend all day with only stuffed toys , even sleeping. So, as parents, do we really know about tnem? Do we know what hidden dangers children and plush toys have in sleeping? Is it possible for children of all ages to sleep with stuffed toys? Here we briefly introduce these issues, hoping to help you better understand.


The main points are as follows:

✉ What are the benefits of sleeping with a stuffed animal?

✉ What are the safety hazards of sleeping with stuffed animals?

✉ What age group can sleep with a stuffed animal

✉ Conclusion


What are the benefits of sleeping with plush animals?

(1)With the emergence of various stuffed toys, their functions are also increasing. Some toys have projection effect. Lighting can control the projection, mixing or closing state of various colors separately. It can show various effects. This can not only attract babies, but also with music effect, babies can easily sleep.


(2)To a certain extent, children have a certain psychological dependence on plush toys. Making children sleep with them may help them sleep more soundly, because plush toys may be a physical dependence for them.


What are the safety risks of sleeping with plush animals?

Some children like sleeping plush toys, but parents may not know that the stuffed toys on their children's arms are actually "invisible killers", which is quietly endangering their children's health.


(1)During the day, children usually like to pile up thrm at will, which will make them contaminated by bacteria and parasites. Compared with other toys, they are more difficult to disinfect and are easily re-contaminated by bacteria. When the child falls asleep, his body naturally relaxes and his resistance decreases. If he sleeps with such a dirty toy, bacteria can easily enter his body and cause it. Various diseases.


(2)Large toys may have many potential health hazards, such as filler pollution, plush shedding, bacterial transmission, etc. In particular, the problem of some informal products with too low prices is more serious. Even regular and qualified plush toys should be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, dust and harmful bacteria hidden in soft fur can easily spread diseases through contact with people and threaten health. In addition, the eyes and lips of them were sprayed with paint. The paint contains lead, sleeps with toys, kisses toys and eats without washing hands. Lead poisoning is easily caused.


What age group can people sleep with plush animals?

Actually, I think people of all ages can sleep with toys for the following reasons:


Children of this age may want to sleep with them because they form a sense of dependence on them, so when they are alone at night, they prefer to have their company.


What we need more is relaxation. Maybe because of the heavy study in the daytime, I prefer to have a relaxing thing when I sleep, when stuffed toys play this role.

 (3)Adult period

Because of the tense pace of life during the day and the ever-advancing society, I have to speed up my pace to adapt to the world. So when we get home at night, we need them to relax for a short time.



So, no matter how good the plush toys are, they are not as good as the warm embrace of parents. Although stuffed toys  help children's emotional development, plush toys are different from the sea and a ladle of water in comparison with the safety and emotional nutrition that parents bring to their children. Therefore, when choosing them we as parents must be very careful. Because it may be because of a small mistake, it will endanger the health of children. The above is a brief introduction to some questions about plush toys sleeping with children. If you have any questions about stuffed toys , please ask us.

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