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When can I give my baby a plush toy to sleep with

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Many parents think that children play with plush toys is a necessity, not a very important thing, and even think that plush toys are only the exclusive of girls, while boys are not suitable for playing with them at all, so they ignore the importance of plush toys for children's growth. Some parents are too busy working to give their children enough companionship, so they choose to give their children small plush toys to accompany them. So, for this matter, have you ever thought about some problems? For example, the benefits of giving children plush toys, choosing them need attention, and so on. The following article gives a brief introduction to this.


Here are some key points:

  • The benefits of giving a plush toy to children

  • Is the plush toy absolutely safe?

  • Precautions

  • Conclusion


The Benefits of Plush Toys for Children

1. Language training

When children are playing, they will read words to toys from time to time, like "talking" to toys. Don't underestimate this communication mode. It gives children the opportunity to use language to express their meanings. At this time, if parents can participate in it and play with their children, they can not only induce him to talk more, but also guide him in his vocabulary and expression skills, so as to strengthen his ability to master the use of language.


2. Stimulate sensory development

Toys can encourage children to use their senses to contact the world, such as stimulating their vision, hearing and touch, helping them to cooperate with their various sensory reactions, to contact and recognize the novelty of everything outside. Some will make sounds, others are designed to be bright colors, which can directly bring visual stimulation to children. Different puzzle toys are effective tools to help children understand the world.


3. Coordination of body functions

Children's hand-foot coordination, hand-eye coordination and other body functions need training and gradually established, toys are one of the best training tools. For example, when a child builds up a box of building blocks, besides using his mind, he also needs the cooperation of his hand functions. Therefore, toys are of great benefit to the development of children's muscular activities and physical functions.


Is plush toys absolutely safe?


China is the largest toy producer in the world and the largest toy exporter in the world. About 70% of the toys in the world come from China. With the increasingly severe situation of foreign technical barriers to suppress our children's products, the pressure and challenges faced by our toy export enterprises are increasing day by day. Because the production of plush toys is characterized by labor-intensive manual manufacturing, low technology, there are inevitably some quality problems. Every year, a considerable part of Chinese toys are recalled by foreign notifications due to various safety quality problems, of which nearly 50% are plush toys. Then there is a question worth thinking about at this time: Is small plush toys absolutely safe?


1. Some plush toys, in order to make their images more vivid and vivid, will use some small accessories in some parts, such as eyes, nose, mouth and so on. Such small accessories may be eaten by babies by mistake and lead to suffocation death. So I suggest that infants and young children plush toys try to buy as few small accessories as possible, or even no small accessories plush toys, or often check whether the large plush toys small accessories are broken off, if there is loss, it is best to find out to deal with. All of these can prevent plush toy safety accidents.


2. The possible problems or risks in exporting plush toys come from the following aspects:


(1) Risk of unqualified mechanical safety performance.


(2) Risk of unqualified health and safety.


(3) The risk of unqualified chemical safety performance requirements.


3. When checking the quality of fabric, we should hold the toys in our hands, and try our best to find out the direction of natural coverage of the plush. The Plush should not shed, exposed, moth-eaten, mildew-free, colorless, and the plush should be restored to its original state after carding. If the plush after grooming and then combing can not restore the original, look chaotic stripes, it shows that the quality of the fabric used in this toy is not good enough.


So only when we know enough about the safety of plush toys, can we prevent the occurrence of safety accidents of them .




Some children like to sleep with plush toys, but parents may not know that the plush toys in their children's arms are actually an "invisible killer", which is quietly endangering their children's health.


1. During the daytime, children usually like to pile up plush toys at will, which makes them contaminated with bacteria and parasites. Compared with other toys, it is more difficult to disinfect plush toys, and it is very easy to re-contaminate with germs. After a child falls asleep, his body relaxes naturally and his resistance becomes low. If he sleeps with such dirty toys, the bacteria will easily enter his body, thus leading to it. A variety of diseases.


2. Large plush toys may have many potential health hazards, such as filler pollution, plush shedding, bacterial transmission, and so on. Especially, some informal products with too low prices have more serious problems. Even regular and qualified plush toys should be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, dust and harmful bacteria hidden in fine and soft plush can easily spread diseases through contact with people and threaten health. In addition, the eyes and lips of plush toys are sprayed with paint. The paint contains lead, sleeping with toys, kissing toys and eating without washing hands. It is easy to cause lead poisoning.




Nevertheless, no matter how good the plush toys are, they are not as good as the warm embrace of parents. Although plush toys can be helpful to children's emotional development, compared with the security and emotional nourishment that parents bring to children, they are as different as the sea and a ladle of water. Therefore, when choosing plush toys, we must be very careful. Maybe because of a small mistake, it will endanger the health of children.



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