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What should I do with Plush Toy

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Stupid plush toys, whose soft touch can give people a comfortable feeling, but also soothe people's emotions, is one of the children's favorite toys. Children regard plush toys as "intimate" friends, playing with them every day, accompanied by intimate, parents should not secretly worry, plush toys will spread bacteria, affecting children's health. So, have you ever thought about how we should deal with plush toys at this time?


The arguments are as follows:

Why to buy a Plush Toy?

How to play with a plush toy

To maintain the plush toy


Reasons for buying plush toys

Every child seems to have a very attached little thing. It may be a soft plush bear, a soft animal blanket, or even just a mum's scarf and towel. Why do babies have a strong attachment to these fluffy or soft things? Why do we buy plush toys for our children?

① Because a baby needs something to provide him with a sense of security in the process of growing up from a totally cared-for newborn baby to an independent individual, this kind of thing is called "transitional object" in psychology and more commonly referred to as "lovey" or "comfort object". The main reason is that these plush toys can provide love and security for babies.


② When children grow up to a certain age, they will have more and more in-depth contact with the outside world besides their close family members, such as their parents, while their parents can not always accompany their children. At this time, children need other sources of security besides their parents, and plush toys just play this role.


The soft touch, comfortable smell and even shape of comfort objects such as plush toys and blankets can make children feel the familiar comfort and safety feeling when they are with their parents and help them cope with various unfamiliar situations.


③ In addition, for parents, these small plush toys can also alleviate the pressure on parents to take their children. So many parents use them to comfort their children.


How to play with plush toys

The physical and mental health of children lies in the careful attention of the adults. It is the responsibility of every parent and must not be sloppy. Then when playing with plush toys, you need to pay attention to the following points:

① Avoid fire source

The raw materials of plush toys are all flammable. Even the fire of stars can make the soft plush toys burn. This will have unimaginable consequences and seriously endanger the safety of people's lives and property.

② To avoid food and beverage

Food and beverage if left on the plush toys, it will lead to a lot of dirty things, such as cockroaches, mold, etc., so that they become dangerous goods.

③ To avoid dust and damp

Soft toys, if the dust is serious, or long-term in a humid environment, it is easy to breed aphid bacteria mold, seriously endangering people's health.

④ Refusal of violence

They can not withstand violent treatment, long-term violence, and then the plush fabric will also break, and then the tight seam will also crack. Also, long-term backlogs will destroy the original form of them.


1. Keep indoor clean and minimize dust. Clean toy surfaces with clean, dry and soft tools.

2. Avoid long-term sunshine and keep the toys dry inside and outside.

3. When cleaning, the necessary measures can be taken according to the size. Small ones can first use tape to stain the parts that are afraid of wear and tear. They can be directly put into the washing machine to wash, shake and hang in the shade to dry thoroughly, and pat toys intermittently to make their fur and fillings fluffy and soft.

4. After cleaning clean toys and drying them, clean combs or similar tools should be used to tidy the fur in order to make the fur smooth and beautiful.

5. Simple and easy sterilization, sterilization method, can use the steam iron with higher power on the villus gently reciprocating ironing, but also has a certain sterilization and decontamination effect.

6. The key to washing plush toys at home: For toys with few small parts, hand-wash or machine-wash in warm water at 30-40 C, neutral detergent can be used for cleaning. For plush toys, cashmere detergent will have better effect.

7. For the sake of health, they should be cleaned and disinfected regularly.


For children, having cute plush toys is very happy. Nevertheless, make sure that these plush toys are safe for children. Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance is very important for plush toys. The above is a brief introduction to how to deal with them . If you have any doubts in the process of purchasing soft plush toys, please ask us .



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