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What do you call stuffed animals?

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What do you call stuffed animals?

As the name suggests, plush toys are made of plush or other textile materials and are made of wrapped fillers. In terms of styling, they are generally made into cute animal shapes or human figures, which are characterized by softness and furry. The shape of the stuffed toy is very cute and soft, so it is loved by many babies, especially the female babies. Mothers also like to buy it for the baby. After all, in addition to playing for the baby, it can also be used as a home decoration product. Of course, each it has its own official name and special name. Their names can be called plush toys, they can be the names given by the brand, or they can be the names of the owners themselves.


Content list of this article:

—  The formal names of them

—  The special names of them

—  Conclusion


What are the formal names of stuffed animals?

According to the production characteristics of plush toys, the products basically have fillers, so it can be said that the plush toys and cloth toys are simply filled toys.

According to whether the filling can be divided into filled toys and unfilled toys;

They are divided into velvet stuffed toys and plush stuffed toys according to the different appearances;

According to the appearance of the toy, it can be divided into filled animal toys, equipped with high-intelligent,electronic, movement, acoustic animal toys or dolls, and various holiday gift toys.


What are the special names of stuffed animals?

The name of a special plush toy is the name that people give him, some are taken by the brand, some are taken by the owner after buying it, and some are obtained according to the cartoon image.

¡  Specifications for the need to pay attention to plush toys:

1. Legal

2. Implied product attributes

3. Easy to remember

4. Easy to spread on the mouth

5. Respect culture and cross geographical restrictions

6. Positive association

7. Pre-buried development pipeline

¡  How does the brand name take the name?

1.Pick out a more precise name

If everyone calls it "XX plush toy", don't just change the name to "Super XX Plush Toy" just because you think the original name is not interesting enough. After all, your product or service is more important, and the name is just an accessory. If you already have a valid name that your customers are familiar with, don't change it.

2.Extensive materials

3.The name should be as short as possible to facilitate audience reading and writing.

4.Avoid clichés

In many cases, if the product name is too straightforward, it may ruin the entire product.

5. Choose a name that applies anywhere

Names that are restricted by geographic regions will limit your industry to a specific area. If you grow up in the future, you have to change your name after you have left the small place.



Plush toys are things that every girl and child likes. It often appears in our lives. It is made of plush or other woven materials and is made of wrapped filler. The shape of the plush toy is very cute and soft, comfortable to touch. It can hold him to sleep, can be used as a backrest, can also be used as a home decoration and so on. Stuffed toys have their own names. They may be made by cartoon characters, or they may be made by the manufacturer and given a name. Of course, in the hands of people, they will have other more intimate names.


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