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What are the best quality stuffed toys

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Stuffed toys are everyone's favorite, at least for girls. Why do you say that? Because every time someone has a birthday or a holiday, stuffed toys are always the first popular gift, and the popularity of stuffed toys can be imagined. Filled toys are also very particular about the purchase, you need to consider the various factors, but also make perfect consideration for the people you receive.


Reasons for buying a stuffed toy

Factors to consider when choosing a plush toy

Quality embodiment of plush toys



Reasons for buying a stuffed toy


1. A gift for a child, and does not require any occasion, the best thing for the child is the parent's wish.

2. Give gifts to your loved ones and family. Whether it's birthday, Valentine's Day or other important holidays, it can be a great gift.

3. Give yourself a gift. Some people like to collect stuffed toys, and they often buy a variety of stuffed toys for themselves.

4. Charity. Some charities raise funds to send cute stuffed toys to children.

5. Investment. Believe it or not, some plush toys are made of limited edition or inlaid crystals. They can make a lot of money over time.

6. Theme decoration. You can make some good combinations and use plush toys to tell awesome stories.


Factors to consider when choosing a plush toy


  • The choice of filling the toy image

First of all, what you need to determine is the object of the stuffed toy that you will be sending out. For different age groups, we can choose the image of different stuffed toys. Then think about the type, color, material, etc. he likes for the object you want to send. Second, the toys chosen for the children should be able to engage the children and induce the children to explore and imagine and create fun. If the child is emotionally high, it is not easy to be distracted by other things.


  • Material selection

There are mainly the following materials for stuffed toys:

Cotton cloth; velvet cloth; PU leather; twill cloth; sneaker cloth; knitted fabric; electronic velvet; scratch cloth; velvet; flocking cloth; satin; washed cloth;


  • safety

When choosing a stuffed toy for your child, consider safety as the main factor and try to avoid individual children being allergic to plush toys. Therefore, parents should observe if the toy is safe before purchasing. That is, whether the toy has passed the national compulsory product certification standard, whether there is a “CCC” mark, and whether the toy is marked with information about the manufacturer or the seller and the product.


Quality embodiment of plush toys



The average manufacturer will spend a lot of thoughts on the model-designed stuffed toys, while the small studio's shape is just imitating others, often using less material, the workmanship is rough, and the made stuffing toys are hard to read.



Multi-purpose super soft fabrics other than good stuffed toys are tightly textured, the face is thicker, can't see the velvet below, feels very soft and comfortable, can feel the face, soft feeling, and use cheap short hair fabric, velvet sparse You can see the flannel, which feels hard on the surface.



All good plush toys are made of white PP cotton. If a depression occurs during transportation, it is easy to recover. With your hand, it is very flexible. Poor quality plush toys are filled with black cotton, or less PP cotton, only half of the good plush toys, and when pressed by hand, the elasticity is even worse.


Look at the price

Usually expensive is better than cheaper. Inferior plush toys are often dirty and bacteria can cause health problems.




Send the best stuffed toys for the people around you. The market for plush toys is dazzling, the prices are mixed, and the quality is good or bad. Use your experience to judge and buy better quality toys.


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