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What are teddy bears used for?

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What are teddy bears used for?

Plush toys have become an indispensable part of every family, not only for children, but also for many adults who also need Plush toys. Stuffed toys have long been more than just an ordinary toy, and they are beginning to play more and more roles. Relieve stress when pressure is high, bring happiness to a dull life, or become a spiritual sustenance. This article will provide a detailed description of these three aspects.

This article contains the following:

  • Can give people a spiritual sustenance

  • Make people happy

  • Relieve stress

  • Summary


Can give people a spiritual sustenance

Plush toys and other plush things can actually bring happiness and security to children, and comfortable contact is an important part of children's attachment. We often see some children must be wearing Plush toys before going to bed at night, or must be covered with a plush blanket to sleep, lost the Plush toys, or cover the other cloth quilt will be annoying to sleep. We sometimes find that some big babies always like to walk around with their Plush toys after their brother or sister is born, even if they are not willing to let go. That's because the Plush toy can make up for the lack of safety of the child to a certain extent.

In addition, often contact with Plush toys, the soft and warm feeling, psychologists believe that contact comfort can promote the development of children's emotional health.

Then when the child grows up, these Plush toys that have been with her for a long time become her (he) spiritual sustenance, become a home-like existence, and feel at ease when she sees it.


Make people happy

A teddy bear doll with a cute appearance is irresistible to both adults and children. When the child touches the Plush toy by hand, the tiny fluff touches every inch of cells and nerves in the hand, and the soft feeling will bring happiness to the child.

At the same time, the Plush toys can be allowed to be played by the children. Whether the children use the toys correctly or not, the toys are used by the children. This can not only cultivate the child's hobbies, but also the ability of the child to manipulate things. To meet the needs of children, you can mobilize your child's enthusiasm and make them happy.

For adults, seeing cute teddy bear dolls will help you, and the soft touch will make you feel good.


Relieve stress

Researchers in Israel have found that the trauma and stress caused by some catastrophic events in childhood can improve the child's communication with stuffed animal toys.

The researchers sent nearly one plush puppy toy to nearly five 5-year-old children who experienced catastrophic trauma such as war. They asked the child to take care of the toy puppy that no family needs to care about. After a while, the researchers found out. Plush animal toys can not only distract children's attention, but also relieve many of the symptoms of traumatic sequelae, such as fear of separation, excessive response to noise, insomnia, nightmares, crying, nervousness and other emotions. Moreover, the closer the relationship with the toy puppies, the lower the pressure, the stronger the psychological endurance, and the more obvious the effect of improving the sequelae of trauma.

Very common, whether in our lives or in film and television dramas, there will always be a time when the protagonist who leaves school or goes home from work will relax with a Plush toy on the bed or in the seat. Then there is more energy to start the follow-up work. This is actually a soft toy that relieves the pressure of the owner.



This article explains in detail the use of the above three kinds of Plush toys, in addition to the many other uses of Plush toys, such as aesthetic training, language training, coordination of body functions, stimulation of sensory development, fostering cooperative spirit and so on. A Plush toy with a variety of uses, you deserve it.

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