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What are stuffed animal eyes made of?

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What are stuffed animal eyes made of?

The stuffed toy is like a metre of sunshine running through the window, warming the whole room and adding a touch of warmth to the living room. At the same time, the children are more happy with the accompanying plush toys. There are also many small parts on the plush toy. The eyes are also part of the stuffed toy, and it plays a finishing touch to make the toy more flexible.


Main points:

What materials are usually available?

How to sew

Safety test



What materials are usually available?


Eyes filled with toys: plastic eyes, crystal eyes, cartoon eyes, moving eyes, etc. Sometimes there will be more elaborate artificial embroidery eyes.


The eyes of the them also come in different sizes and types. Filled toy eyes are divided into mushroom head eye buckles, screw eye buckles and other types. The size of the mushroom head eye buckle of the stuffed toy has a diameter of 9mm; 12mm; 20mm; 24mm, etc. The size of the screw eye buckle of the plush toy has a diameter of 6mm; 9mm; 8mm; 10mm; 12mm and the like.


How to sew?


Generally, the eyes of the them have buttonholes behind the eyes. If there are buttonholes behind the eyes of the them, you can use the needle thread to sew the eyes. Of course, you need to open a part of the seams to “thread lead”.


However, some of the eyes of the stuffed toys are glued, but the stuffed toy is very convenient, so you don't have to remove the toy to sew your eyes. You can go to the hardware store to buy a set of strong glue, you can buy it for about two or three dollars, a set of two, according to the instructions to configure some, stick it up. For some eyeballs that have no grommets, they can only be glued.


Safety test


Because the consumer of plush toy is widespread, and some users are small children with insufficient immunity, relatively safe testing of stuffed toys is very important.


Pay attention to the factory when filling toys:

1. The end of the manual stitching is completed, and the seaming personnel should immediately check whether the manual needle is left behind, and prevent the needle from entering the inside of the stuffed toy to harm the consumer. If there is a needle left or lost, you must look through the probe.


2. Accessories on the toy body, including eyes, nose, buttons, ribbons, bow ties, etc., may be devourted by the child and are dangerous. Therefore, all accessories must be tightly fixed and meet the tensile requirements. Eyes, the nose must withstand the tension of 21LBS; ribbons, flowers, buttons must withstand the tension of 4LBS;


3. All plastic bags for plush toys must be printed with a warning and punched at the bottom to prevent the child from getting dangerous on the head.


4. All filaments, mesh must have warnings, age signs.


5. Toys All fabrics, accessories include some small parts, there must be no toxic chemicals in order to avoid the danger of children's tongue.




For manufacturers who produce stuffed toys, it is important to ensure the safety of consumers. If the stuffed toy has problems such as falling eyes after use, the user should also pay attention to safety during the sewing process to prevent hidden dangers for his safety. The safety check of a good quality stuffed toy is very good. If you want a safe and well managed it, you can find a company that is for the sake of consumers.

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