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The Importance Of Plush Toys In Your Child's Life

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Soft plush toys play an extremely important role in the child's life. In particular, today's living conditions have improved a lot. Basically, every child's growth is accompanied by soft plush toys, whether boys or girls. Even for most children, soft plush toys have special significance. It adorns her room, becomes his target, or ventures with him in a dream. This article aims to specifically describe the importance of large plush toys in the lives of children.

This article contains the following:

1. the first friend

2. permanent companionship

3. Growing up help

4. summary


1、The first friend

According to statistics, in recent years, the base number of only children has increased significantly. In the growing environment of only children, it is more likely to be self-centered, not willing to communicate and share with others, lack of responsibility, poor hands-on ability, and strong dependence. If the parents are busy, this situation will be even more pessimistic. Therefore, the small plush toys with cute shape and comfortable hand has become a small partner that children love. To a certain extent, it has the function of acting as a certain human character. It is the first small partner of children's spiritual growth, and it is the mental health of children. An important educational role.


2、Permanent companionship

Accompanying sleep:

It is very common for many children to have a plush toy before going to sleep at night. Once they have no soft plush toys, they will become irritable and will not sleep. In fact, this is because the soft plush toys can bring a sense of security to the children to a certain extent, reduce the variables around them, and make the children feel psychologically pinned. And often contact with plush toys, the soft and warm feeling it brings will greatly promote the emotional development of children, psychologists say so.

Companion play:

A plush toy, as its name is a toy, can naturally accompany the child to play. Whether the child is talking to a plush toy, making a story, or playing a game with a plush toy, these are all things that can be done at all times. Plush toys are very soft and light, can move with the child's mind, and never be impatient. Nowadays, many plush toys on the market are based on popular cartoon works. It is easier for children to play such a plush toy to play a role-playing game with plush toys.


3、Growing up help

The soft and supple hair of the plush toy can stimulate the child's touch. When the child touches the plush toy, the upper fluff licks the nerve cells of the child's palm, which not only brings pleasure to the child, but also helps to cultivate the child's touch. Sensitivity. At the same time, the bright colors of the soft plush toys and the same shape as the anime characters can stimulate the child's vision. An electronic device that emits sound, and a plush toy can stimulate the child's hearing. These will eventually help the children learn to use the various sensory reactions of the eyes, ears, limbs, skin, etc. to contact and recognize other things and objects outside.


Plush toys can also help children train hand and foot coordination and hand-eye coordination. After the children learn to think, they will start playing with their friends' plush toys and make up a story. She and the small plush toys each play one or more roles in the story. They may hug, maybe fight each other, maybe talk, and so on. These behaviors make plush toys the best tool for training children's coordination. At the same time, the child's constant creation of the situation will also stimulate the child's imagination and promote the child's brain development. Therefore, not only educational toys are good for the development of children's brains, but also plush toys.



In the last century, psychoanalyst Dr. D. W. Winnicott defined the plush toy as “a transitional tool” that quieted the baby when she left her mother. Even if a child enters the kindergarten, or meets other children in the kindergarten, it will be comforted to have a plush toy to accompany them. Therefore, large plush toys are very important and indispensable in the life of children.


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