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Is there a plush toy my dog can't destroy?

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Is there a plush toy my dog can't destroy?

There are many families who have pets who choose to buy stuffed toys for their dogs so that they can play on their own when they are unaccompanied. However, due to the sharp teeth of the pet dog and the character of jumping off, the damage rate of the plush toy is very high. Maybe you bought a new stuffed toy for your dog on Sunday, and you will see the wreckage of the plush toy being thrown somewhere after work on Monday. Then something that bothers many pet dog owners has appeared. Is there a stuffed toy that my dog can't destroy? This article will help you understand the choice of plush toys for dogs.


  • Dogs especially like to bite plush toys

  • What material is more resistant to biting

  • Conclusion


Dogs especially like to bite plush toys

  • Dog toys are easily damaged because they are mainly bitten, so you must consider the serious consequences of being bitten. There are many stuffed toys that take into account the feel of people playing, not only fluffy cotton but also some small plastic particles to increase weight. These small particles will fall out after the dog bites the toy. In order to prevent some dogs from eating the plastic, it is better to choose not to have such a filler.


  • The production of the eyes and nose of the plush toy is different. It mainly consists of the following three types:

    1. The plastic buckle is attached;

    2. The thread is sewn or woven;

    3. The clothed eyes and nose are sewn.

    Among the three production methods, the latter two are suitable for pet dogs. Because you will find that if it is a plastic buckle, these two parts become the earliest attack of the pet's small fangs, and soon it will bite the plastic buckle, and then it will be from the hole. The pets inside the cockroaches are licking, and the pets that are not sensible will eat the cotton. It is conceivable that the dog is very unsafe. The latter two methods of production because of the soft texture, the general taste, so the price of pet dogs will not pay attention to them, it will not focus on biting.


  • If you give a velvet cloth to a dog toy, you have to pay attention to the fabric. The plush is not suitable. It is best to choose a flannel or a short plush. Because the plush hair is long, the dog likes to tear it down. Soon the toy will not look like it, and some of the dog will be swallowed.


  • The flannel toy that gives the dog a toy is determined by the size of the dog's mouth, which is slightly larger than its mouth. If it is too small, the dog will put the whole toy in his mouth, and soon the whole toy will be wet. It will also bring the toy over and let you throw it. The feeling at that time is really bad. And if you don't want the toy to be dirty, you have to wash it, it's more troublesome.

Most of the dog toys that are slightly larger than the mouth are exposed outside the dog's mouth. It is also convenient when you play with it. You don't need to lick the toy out of its mouth, and you don't have to wash it. It saves a lot of trouble. And don't buy stuffed toys that are too big for it. Stuffed toys that can't be picked up are simply not fun for it.


What material is more resistant to biting?

Polyethylene and latex

Toys made from latex and polyethylene are softer, some can make a squeaky sound, and even the colors are very interesting, suitable for dogs that don't bite or tear toys.

Rubber and nylon

Nylon and rubber toys are more durable and suitable for dogs with moderate biting habits. These toys often have small holes in the surface, so it is more interesting for the dog to exert force when playing bites.

Ropes and canvas

Such toys are easier to clean and are suitable for dogs with moderate biting habits, especially for dogs that like towing games. The material of this kind of toy is not soft or hard, and it also helps the health of the dog's teeth.



The above is the condition that you want the pet dog's stuffed toy to have a long life. It is a simple matter to choose a suitable stuffed toy for your dog, as long as it meets the requirements stated in the article. If your dog is important to you, then choosing the right plush toy is worth your attention. Understand the content of this article, and then choose to do more with less.

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