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Is the unicorn really capable of healing

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A long time ago, the rainbow unicorn had a strange healing power because of her unique horn, and was excluded by other unicorns. Her father and mother also died because of accidents. She was very lonely.

One day, the rainbow unicorn was playing alone outside. She saw a rainbow in the distance. She wanted to get close to the rainbow, so she kept looking forward. Because Mom and Dad told her that they went to a distance, there is color. She is also colored, and she will go there later, don't feel bad. She misses mom and dad very much. She wants to go to a place with mom and dad. She doesn't want a person. She is very lonely.

However, after a long time, rainbow unicorn was very tired, she could not get to the place where the rainbow was. But she left the territory where they lived, she no longer knows the road, she can't go back. She stayed on the floor and wept sadly.

At this time, Hippo uncle saw her and asked her very kindly.

Hippo uncle asked: "Child, what happened to you?"

The rainbow unicorn whimpered: "I don't look like them. They don't play with me. I want mom and dad. Mom and Dad told me that they went to a distant place. It is a colorful place, and it is the same color as mine." I saw the colored place, and I went to that place. However, I have been away for a long time, I have been unable to get to that place. I can't run, I can't find a way back."

Hippo uncle comforted: "Mother and father are far away and far away, they must be there to bless you. They will see your growth there, you will see your situation and you will not be alone. You want be happy, you will go to the place of Mom and Dad in the future. It’s too late, you should come home with me, and tomorrow I will take you to the way home."

The next day, Hippo uncle got up early and went out to find some food to return to the unicorn. But accidentally fell into a big round pit, desperately shouting: "Help, help!"

When the peacock saw it, he rushed to the crow's house to find the crow: "The crow's sister, the hippo uncle accidentally fell into a big round pit, and we will hurry to save him."

The crow shook her wings and said, "I don't have time, save me, don't dirty my feathers."

The peacock had to rush in a hurry, and she managed to make a hard effort and finally saved the hippo uncle. But her tail was injured when she was saving the hippo.

Hippo uncle thanked her very much and praised her: "Miss Peacock, you are so smart and kind, thank you!"

The peacock said: "What is this thank you for? This is what I should do."

Hippopotamus said: "You go home with me, my home is nearby, I will take you to deal with the wound."

So the peacock and hippo uncle returned home. The unicorn also woke up at this time. Hippo uncle told her everything.

The rainbow unicorn said: "Uncle, I can help her repair the wound."

So she healed the peacock's tail. She believes that the beautiful feathers should belong to the kind and helpful peacock, so the peacock's feathers become colored feathers.

Since then, peacocks have become the most beautiful birds in the birds, and they have become good friends. The hippopotamus and the peacock returned the rainbow unicorn home. The rainbow unicorn no longer feels lonely. She listened to the words of the hippopotamus and grew up happily. From time to time, she will come to the peacock and hippo, and will help others with them, and then more and more friends.

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