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Is it OK to put stuffed animals in the washing machine

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Children tend to play dirty toys with stuffed animals, so for the health of children, pay attention to the hygiene of toys and clean the toys on time. The cleaning method of the stuffed toy should be determined according to the condition of the toy. Some can be washed in the washing machine, and some can only be washed by hand.


How to wash plush toys in washing machine

You can't wash your plush toys in the washing machine if you have any of the following

Quick washing Guide



How to wash plush toys in washing machine


Check the plush label before cleaning the stuffed toy and read the instructions for the stuffed animal. Find out what to pay attention to when this stuffed toy is being cleaned. Machine wash stuffed animals should pay attention to the place:


1. Filled toys with electronic accessories or electronic components cannot be washed by water.


2.put the washing machine into the washing machine, it is best to put the laundry bag or pillowcase beforehand. advance, the parts that are easy to wear are glued with adhesive tape; the mode of machine washing is best to choose soft, it is not recommended to choose strong washing, strong washing is easy to cause the deformation of the plush toy, the same reason.


4. Use a mild detergent. Do not use destructive cleaning agents such as bleach.


5. Remember to intermittently beat the stuffed toy during the drying process, which will make the plush toy fluffy.


You can't wash your plush toys in the washing machine if you have any of the following


1. Larger stuffed animals, it is best not to put them in the washing machine, or to clean them by hand. Because the soaked laundry detergent, it will enter the filling inside the stuffing toy. There is no problem in washing, but there will be problems when cleaning, and there will be a problem that the laundry detergent that is immersed inside is not clean. Even if squeezed by hand, it is impossible to completely clean the residual ingredients of the laundry detergent.


2. The weight or volume of the filled toy itself exceeds the maximum allowable washing amount of the washing machine used. If it is not more than enough, it can be put into the washing machine for washing, because the excessive volume cannot be placed or it will be deformed during the cleaning process. If the weight is too large, it will hurt the washing machine. As a result, neither the cleaning of the stuffed toy nor the washing machine will be harmed.


3. Some filled toys are fully functional, so there may be electronic components inside. If the electronic component is washed in the washing machine, its function cannot be used normally.


4. Filled toys generally have signs. If the icons on the signs are not machine washable or washable, then the material of the stuffed animals cannot be placed in the washing machine.


Quick washing Guide


Clean the dirty part first, the stained part is wet with water, use a brush to stick a little washing powder to scrub the surface, first clean the stain and clean it in the whole.


Washed with cold water, some stuffed toys are easily deformed by hot water cleaning. Therefore, when cleaning, choose cold water to lengthen the washing time.


Remove the stuffing. The stuffed toy filler can be taken out separately and directly cleaned the set. This saves time and effort and makes cleaning easier and faster.


The stuffed animal is small in size and can be cleaned in a pillowcase. Pulling the zipper ensures that there is enough space to roll, so that the hair on the surface of the stuffed toy is not easy to fall off, and the toy is not deformed.


The washed stuffed toy is air-dried. According to the standard, whether the stuffed animals can receive direct sunlight, in order to dry the surface more thoroughly, it can be fixed with clips and other items.

If it is too large and it is difficult to clean, you can choose a dry cleaner for cleaning.


According to the Quick Wash Guide, the cleaning of the stuffed toy is much simpler. The stuffed animals that children play are best cleaned once a month, and regular cleaning will not allow bacteria to breed. If it is the case, then you may need to wash it by hand or dry clean. In other cases, you can use the washing machine to clean it, so the wash will be very clean.




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