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How to choose safer plush toys

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How to choose safer plush toys

Many parents think that children play with plush toys is a necessity, not a very important thing, and even think that plush toys are only the exclusive of girls, while boys are not suitable for playing with them at all, so they ignore the importance of plush toys for children's growth. But plush toys and other plush things, in fact, can bring pleasure and security to children. Psychologists believe that exposure to comfort can promote children's emotional health. So they are very important for children. So how do we choose safer plush toys? Here we briefly introduce the factors that need to be considered when choosing them.


The outline is as follows:

ღ Factors to consider

ღ The importance of plush toy

ღ Guides for choosing a safe plush toy

ღ Conclusion


Some factors to be considered

1. Shape selection:

⑴ Choose the shape of plush toys according to the age of children.


❶ 0-2 years old.

For infants aged 0 to 2 years, they should choose exaggerated animals, that is, cartoonized more intuitive models.


The best color for toys is pink or cream.


The size of toys should not be too large, generally less than half of the child's length can be, in order to facilitate children to play tricks.


❷ 3-6 years old.

For children aged 3 to 6 years in early childhood, the shape of toys selected should be lifelike, so that children can identify and increase their knowledge. When choosing animal toys, it's better to be characteristic so that children can get a deeper impression.


❸ Over 6 years old.

For girls, they can also choose some feminized plush animals, such as bears in skirts, rabbits in bows and so on, to let children know that animals also have gender differences.


At the same time, we can also select some mother-child set of animal toys, such as mother bear and child bear, in order to enhance children's interest and increase the flavor of life.


⑵ Choosing the appearance.

The appearance of plush toys should be selected after the shape selection, and the head should be checked for roundness, fullness and moderate hardness. The nose should be roughly centered and not skewed. The ears and noses should be arranged symmetrically, and should not be markedly high or low. The position of mouth and tongue should be in the position of nose, not offset. The thicknesses of the limbs should be uniform and the lengths should be appropriate. If there are no problems with the above tests, the primary election will be qualified.


2. Selection of fabric and sewing quality


The plush toy fabrics are made of pure wool and chemical fibers. Pure wool fabrics are very expensive and easily moth-eaten, so they are seldom used. There is a simpler way to distinguish pure wool from chemical fibre fabrics: pull several fibers from plush toys and light them with fire to observe their burning results, such as leaving black charcoal, pinching them into powder with your fingers, that is, pure wool fabrics; if brown paste is left after burning, pinching them with your fingers to feel sticky, it is chemical fibre.


The importance of plush toys

1. At present, plush toys are also the favorite of many young people, especially girls. But back to the end, plush toys belong to toys for children. Because plush toys have good comfort and emotional soothing effects, they are useful for the growth of a baby, such as the baby is not easy to fall asleep, and you can coax him to sleep while letting him touch and hit plush toys.


2. From the beginning of plush toys, children also have the initial imagination. Bear or rabbit in his hands, will slowly listen to his secrets, or obediently play a child designated role.


3. In addition, in a sense, the plush toy has become the baby's first mirror, he projected his emotions on it. So, if a bag suddenly behaves rudely to him one day when he likes them very much, maybe this is when he needs to express and vent his pressure and emotions, don't stop him.


Choose safe placing method of plush toys

Plush toys are cute in shape and soft in hand. They have always been the playful companions of the baby's growth and are very popular with the baby. However, because they are made of cloth and plush, there are additives inside and different textures of plush outside. The safety and quality requirements of them will be stricter in the toy industry at home and abroad. So, how do parents choose good-looking, fun, strong and safe plush toys?


1. Choose plush toys with beautiful appearance and vivid image

The Plush Doll should be well-proportioned, with a round and full head and moderate soft and hard texture. The five senses are symmetrical, and there is no obvious difference between height and size. The limbs are of the same thickness and length. Beautiful shape, vivid image, baby will love.


2.Choose playful toys from clean, safe and regular manufacturers


(1) Plush toys belong to the category of plush toys, and their external materials (different textures of plush) and internal fillers (pp cotton) should be paid special attention to: the external Plush should be soft, elastic, odorless, non-hairing, non-moth, non-color difference, non-fading, easy to recover after carding; the internal fillers should be stipulated as PP cotton, soft and uniform, no foreign body feeling and hard feeling.


(2) The small accessories attached to the plush toy itself, such as sunny eyes, nose, mouth and buttons, must be strong, firm, without sharp edges and hairless. In the process of baby games, we should pay attention to prevent accidental occurrence such as swallowing, swallowing or room rest, scratches and so on.


(3) In order to ensure safety, regular manufacturer products should be selected and purchased in stores. There should be standard instructions for the use of plush toys, including product name, manufacturer, factory site, contact telephone, main material components, standard code, applicable age and safety warning, etc.



Plush toys can not only exercise children's language ability, but also stimulate their sensory development and coordinate related physical functions. So please be more careful when choosing plush toys for your children and for yourself. In the process of choosing plush toys, if you have any doubts, please consult us.

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