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How teddy bear is made?

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How teddy bear is made?

It is a toy made by cutting, sewing, decorating, filling, shaping, and packaging with various raw materials such as PP cotton, plush, and short plush. The plush toy has the characteristics of vivid and lovely shape, soft touch, not afraid of extrusion, convenient cleaning, strong decoration, high safety and wide application. Therefore, stuffed toys are a good choice for children's toys, decorative houses and gifts as gifts. The production process of plush toys is basically: cutting, sewing, decoration, filling, shaping, packaging. So how do you make a stuffed toy? Take the teddy bear as an example.


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k  The production steps

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What is the material?

According to what you like, choose the fabric you want to make a plush toy. Plush toys require needlework and padding.


What are the production steps?

1.      Cut out the various parts of the body of the plush toy according to the drawings. A 0.5 cm stitching edge should be left around.

2.      Stitch the two pieces, leave the back of the mouth, do not sew, put on the teeth around, turn over and stuff the padding cotton.

3.      The head of the plush toy is divided into three pieces. First, the two pieces are sewn along the underside of the nose, and then the third piece of the top of the head is sewn together. The teeth are placed around the mouth and turned over to fill the padded cotton.

4.      Embroider the nose and mouth with needlework, and fix the sewn ears on the head with the needle

5.      Use the same method to sew the teddy bear's limbs and stuff it into the padded cotton.

6.      Sewing the rope ladder and the head with a needle

7.      Fix the bear's limbs to the body.


Security check

1. The safety of stuffed toys must be highly valued by the personnel concerned.

2. The accessories on the plush toy body, including the eyes, nose, buttons, ribbons, bow ties, etc., may be dangerous because they are not dropped or pulled off. If the child eats the food, all the accessories must be fixed and tightened. The next step can be carried out on request.

3. All plastic bags for packaging toys must be printed with a warning and punched at the bottom to prevent the child from getting dangerous on the head.

4. All filaments, mesh must have warnings, age signs.

5. Toys all fabrics, accessories must not have toxic chemicals in order to avoid the danger of children's tongue.

6. There must be no scissors, drill bits and other metal objects left in the package.

7. All toys must be tested by a probe machine before being packaged to prevent fine needles from remaining in the plush toy body.



Plush toys are good for many people, so the process of making it is as mentioned above, you can choose to make one yourself. However, whether you are making or buying, you must check the selection of stuffed toys in strict accordance with the requirements, otherwise it may cause certain harm due to poor quality of materials.

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