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How powerful the friendship is, just look at My Little Polly

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The most powerful magic in the unicorn can purify all the things that are not harmonious. It is divided into six parts: honesty, optimism, kindness, generosity, and loyalty. When all the parts are assembled, the sixth element can be synthesized: magic.

On Sunday, the pony plays with another unicorn. Suddenly, the pony found a big hole, so the little horse was about his four companions, and each of them had the attributes of honesty, optimism, kindness, generosity and loyalty. They prepared some risky tools and went on an adventure together.

The cave is sinister, black and lacquered, and there will be water drops from time to time. The spider web is everywhere, and it is terrible. They walked and walked, and found that the holes were getting smaller and smaller, so small that they couldn't get through. Pony feels more and more horrible. He proposed: "This hole is getting smaller and smaller. I feel very dangerous. It is not too early. Let's go back soon."

However, one of the unicorns with honest attributes said: "Pony, we are here, we have not encountered any danger, nothing. If you don't find out, it is not a big loss, let's continue to look forward. Look."

The kind pony wants to turn back, but she does not want to disappoint, and she has to continue to move forward.

Suddenly, a bloody mouth rushed at them. One of the unicorns with loyalty was bitten, and shouted: "Help, help!"

A unicorn with generous attributes called on everyone to save him. An optimistic unicorn saw that the unicorn with loyalty was so flustered, so he shouted: "We need to calm down, only calm us to defeat the monster." So everyone calmed down, but at this time, loyal. The unicorn was eaten into the stomach by the monster.

At this time, everyone was shocked. Everyone is very flustered and don't know what to do. Some unicorns are about to give up, but the pony said that we must rescue him. So everyone was in a flustered discussion, but because their magic has not yet been finished, everyone can't fully use their full strength. At this time, the optimistic unicorn is the most calm. He said: "Before, I heard from the elders that if we can unite and play our own strength together, we might be able to exert the power of friendship. Our strongest magic, maybe we can beat the monster."

So, after some discussion, they started their first attempt. But the first result was a failure. They then tried again and again, failing again and again, but they did not give up, nor did they feel discouraged. Instead, they became more and more brave. Then the pony proposed that we attack in different directions, maybe it can. So the five unicorns decided in different directions, the four unicorns outside were in the four corners, and the unicorn in the belly played in the middle.

This time, they defeated the monster and rescued the faithful unicorn. In fact, they can defeat monsters not just because of their methods, because they are not discouraged, do not give up, become more united, and their friendship is stronger.

Since then, the friendship of the five unicorns has become stronger and stronger, and they are becoming more and more united, so their magic is getting stronger and stronger.

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