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How do you wash a stuffed animal without ruining it?

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How do you wash a stuffed animal without ruining it?

I bought a cute and funny stuffed animals and started to worry about how to clean the stuffed toy. Cleaning the stuffed toy is a kind of effort, especially when the plush toy absorbs water and is heavy and heavy, it is very difficult to wash. In fact, some toys can be washed in the washing machine, and some must be hand-washed.


Using a Washing Machine

Washing by Hand

Which is better



Using a Washing Machine


Check the plush label before cleaning the stuffed toy and read the instructions for the stuffed animal. Find out what to pay attention to when this stuffed toy is being cleaned. Machine wash stuffed animals should pay attention to the place:


1. Filled toys with electronic accessories or electronic components cannot be washed by water.


2.put the washing machine into the washing machine, it is best to put the laundry bag or pillowcase beforehand. advance, the parts that are easy to wear are glued with adhesive tape; the mode of machine washing is best to choose soft, it is not recommended to choose strong washing, strong washing is easy to cause the deformation of the plush toy, the same reason.


4. Use a mild detergent. Do not use destructive cleaning agents such as bleach.


5. Remember to intermittently beat the stuffed toy during the drying process, which will make the plush toy fluffy.


Washing by Hand


There are two ways to wash your hands. You can choose dry cleaning and washing. You can choose dry cleaning for non-washable and filled toys with electronic components.


1. Dry cleaning: preparation materials: coarse salt, large plastic bags. Put the coarse salt and the dirty stuffed animal in a large plastic bag, then shake the pocket tightly to make the coarse salt and the plush toy surface fully contact. You will find that the white coarse salt slowly turns black, and the plush toy will become much cleaner.


2. Washing: Prepare materials: detergent, water. Small toys can be washed directly by hand with water. Dissolve the detergent directly in water and gently fill the dirty parts of the toy. Or use a soft sponge, wipe the surface with water, wipe it clean, and wipe it with water.


Which is better


Since the stuffed toy can be washed and washed by hand, which one is better?


Washing the stuffed animal with a washing machine will actually be cleaner, but there will be many problems. For example, the color of the stuffed toy is relatively easy to fade, so it is easy to dye the stuffed toy in the washing machine. But the way to wash by hand will be better. Also, the speed of the washing machine is very large, it is easy to wash the toy or wash it to deformation, then there is no original look.


For some toys that have electronic components inside, are not particularly dirty, and are not weathered enough to dry, it is best to choose a dry cleaning method in hand washing. This not only ensures the integrity of the stuffed animal, but also does not require time and effort.


You can choose the cleaning method you need according to the actual situation, but you need to establish it without harming the original shape.




Stuffed animals need to be cleaned regularly, preferably one or two times a month. However, we should also pay attention to the cleaning problem of the stuffed animals. Even if it is not cleaned, it can be placed under the sun to sterilize and remove cockroaches. This is good for your child's health and will not be harmed by breeding bacteria and mites.



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