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How do you fix a stuffed animal?

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How do you fix a stuffed animal?

Plush toys are a girl's favorite. Many girls have a lot of them. They are both bought by themselves and sent by friends. Some are very valuable. Therefore, you can't discard stuffed toy, you need to know how to repair it. The maintenance of it has become a problem that people are paying attention to, but it is also a headache. Especially some high-end plush toys, the fabrics and fillers used are imported high-end products, slightly not paying attention to it, it may be destroyed. Need to clean and disinfect, if it needs to be tinkered. Next, I will tell you what to do.


Content list of this article:

1.Remove vacuum

2.Wash and dry

3.Sewing and repair



How to remove vacuum?

Find the filling seam of the plush toy, cut the stitching, and take out the filler (acrylic cotton).


Wash and dry

There are three ways to clean: First, dry suction. Second, wash. Third, machine wash.

First, the method of dry suction

Put the coarse salt (or soda powder) together with the dirty plush toy into a larger plastic bag. Then shake the bag tightly; then you can take the plush doll out of the bag and use a soft brush. Remove the dust and coarse salt (or soda powder) left on. For those large pieces of ash, the power of the vacuum cleaner can be used.

Second, the method of washing

Small plush toys can be used to tape the parts that are afraid of wear and wear, put them directly into the washing machine, wash them gently, dry them, hang them in a cool place, and tap the toys intermittently to make their fur and stuff become Fluffy and soft.

Large plush toys can take out the filling, special parts can’t be taken, use tape to stain the parts that are afraid of wear, put the stuffed toy skin into the washing machine, wash it, dry it, hang it in the shade, and tap it intermittently. Toys make their fur and stuffing fluffy and soft. Then put the filling into the toy skin, shape, and stitch. Then use a comb to gently comb the hair along the direction of the plush.

Third, the Machine washing method

Machine Wash For some plush toys that are marked “can be machine washable”, you can choose a soft detergent, gentle rotation speed and low temperature drying to give them a thorough cleaning.


How to sewing and repair?

You can take out the cotton with a plush toy that you don't like, and then fill it into the plush toy you want to mend. If you don't have a plush toy you don't like, you can go to the surrounding toy factory and ask the factory to help fill the cotton. Then use a special size needle to make up.



When the surface of the plush toy fur is partially dirty, the surface can be wiped or cleaned with a detergent and then air dried. Do not use the dryer in order to speed up the drying of it, you should use the natural drying method, and keep the plush toy in the original shape. If it is a small white horse, a lion king, such as a beautiful mane, when the bristles are cleaned, the bristles should be combed by hand before they are dried, to avoid smashing, and then let them naturally dried. When cleaning it, remember to remove all clothing accessories. Necklaces containing toys, clothes, pants, socks, shoes, etc., should be taken off and cleaned separately, or you can use a cute little hanger to dry the clothes. Do not use bleach or irritating detergents to avoid damaging the original color.

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