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How do you fix a ripped teddy bear?

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How do you fix a ripped teddy bear?

Have you bought a stuffed toy for your child? Most families will answer this question, of course. So have you mend the stuffed toys for your child? With the development of the economy, people's living standards have improved significantly. Many families have neglected the problem of doll repair. They think that if the plush toy is broken, they will buy a new one. In fact, this move will give the children a wrong view of consumption and the opportunity to get closer to the child, so the best way to help the child repair the broken doll. Of course, some people want to fix the plush toys for their children, but they don't know how to fix them. This article will explain how to fix a teddy bear doll.

Patching consists of the following steps:

1.Check for damage location

2.Sewing and filling



Check for damage location

The first step in patching a doll is to look at the damaged location. There are several reasons why a stuffed toy can be damaged: the child is hooked up with sharp objects during the play of the doll, or the off-line that the child has played for a long time, and the filler is no longer full.

When hooking a sharp item, the damage to the doll is generally not certain. After all, this is an accident. It may be the head of a doll, or it may be the back or other parts.

When the doll is off-line, it is good to judge the location of the damage. It must be in the position where the doll is originally stitched. According to the habits of the child's play, it is generally damaged in the limbs of the doll.

The fact that the filling is not full is generally because the doll spends too much time with the child, the child squeezes while sleeping, and usually catches in the hand while playing, which will cause the filling to be crushed. Over time, the doll will not be as full as the beginning.


Sewing and filling

Determine the location of the damaged stuffed toy, you can prescribe the right medicine.

In the first situation, if it is damaged on the back, you can sew a small backpack on the back of the Teddy doll. Or after sewing the gap, put on the Teddy doll to cover the gap. If it is damaged in the head, the same can be used to seal the crack, and add a jewelry to the Teddy doll to block the crack.

If it is off-line, it will be solved. Straight along the original line, use the lines of similar colors for sewing, just leave the traces and effectively repair the damaged Teddy dolls.

If it is the third condition, you can remove the part along the Teddy doll's line, make the stuffed toy have an opening, then take the old stuff out, put in a new, fluffy stuff, and finally use it. Lines of similar colors are stitched together along the removed area.



In the world of children, the meaning of stuffed toy is not only a stuffed toy, but also a friend and family. And friends and family may be free to replace and replace. If parents want to be more harmonious with their children, they should look at the world with their children's eyes, as well as stuffed toys.

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