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How do you dry stuffed animals?

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How do you dry stuffed animals?

Children like stuffed toys .They hold them when they are happy or unhappy. However, over time or for other reasons, plush toysneed to be cleaned urgently. Then, after cleaning, how do we dry the stuffed toys ? The following is a simple analysis of the ways of drying the plush toys, such as wiping, machine drying, etc.


The main points are as follows:

✉ How to clean stuffed animals?

✉ Hand wash and dry

✉ Drying with a machine

✉ Summary


How to clean stuffed animals?

So, in our daily life, how do we clean up the stuffed toys ? Below we have a brief introduction to the three cleaning methods, hoping to provide some help to your life.


1. Local cleaning

Apply a little detergent on the brush, then dip in some water, and carefully clean the surface of the plush toys. If your toys show some obvious stains, be sure to clean them beforehand, otherwise they will stubbornly remain on the toy surface when cleaning as a whole.


2. Clean thoroughly

If you still feel dirty after washing, place it in a zipper pillowcase, squeeze out excess air and zip up. However, to ensure that there is enough space in the bag, plush toys can be allowed to flip inside. Please note that if the toy is too big and your washing machine can't hold it, it can't be cleaned in this way.


3. Cold water cleaning

Put the toys in pillowcases into the washing machine, add mild detergent, set the washing mode to soft circulating cold water setting, most plush toys will be sensitive to hot water, hot water soaked will make the toys deform. So we must use cold water to clean, of course, the cleaning effect of cold water is not as good as hot water, so you can make the washing time a little longer. In circular washing mode, if the water discharged from the washing machine is clean water, it means that your toys have been cleaned thoroughly, you can finish washing.


Hand wash and dry

For locally cleaned stuffed toys , we need to wash our hands after the cleaning work is finished. It is better to use hand sanitizer, soap, etc. to clean them, because we will contact the cleaned plush toys directly later. Then, we need to wipe the towels with clean and dry towels. Of course, we also need to make sure that the towels do not fade or shed hair. Otherwise, a series of cleaning is to empty the bamboo basket.

Drying with a machine

After the washing cycle of stuffed toys is finished, the pillowcase outside the plush toys is taken out and placed on the dryer. The temperature is set to the lowest temperature of the blower. Parents who don't have a dryer at home can also hang in the sun to dry. However, be sure that your toys will not fade or have other adverse consequences when exposed to direct sunlight. Open the zipper. Observe whether they are thoroughly dried. If it's still wet, please put it in the pillowcase again and dry it in the dryer again. Repeat this several times until your toys are completely dry.



Through our brief introduction, do you have a better understanding of how to dry plush toys? In the process of using stuffed toys, some invisible bacteria will inevitably breed, which will imperceptibly endanger the health of children.Only by doing these basic work well, can children be happier when playing with them, and we are happier. If you have other doubts about cleaning and drying plush toys, please ask us.

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