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How To Dry Plush Toys?

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How To Dry Plush Toys?

How should you choose the right way to dry your plush/stuffed toys

If you don't know how to dry plush toys, but have always been distressed on this issue, you can read this article carefully as a reference. 

This passage provides two ways for you to select, besides considering convenience, you should also pay attention to the washing notes on the toys.

1. Use a Dryer To Dry Plush Toys

Before you use a dryer to dry your toys, you should check the label of the plush toy.

There you can see detailed instructions on whether you can use the dryer or a more detailed step on how to dry the plush toy. The use of the dryer can help you simply complete the drying process of the plush toy.

If your stuffed toy has delicate faces, such as a pair of eyes or a protruding nose, you can wrap their faces with a towel. 

If the toy's eyes are fragile, wrapping it with a handkerchief can effectively prevent it from being scratched when it rolls over in the dryer.

Put the plush toy in a dry bag, put it into dry paper, seal the dry bag, and put the bag into the dryer. You need to keep the dryer in a low heat state for about 15-20 minutes. The heat of the dryer will kill the dust mites inside the plush toy.

After 15-20 minutes, carefully observe whether the stuffed toys shrink. If they shrink, the drying process is successful. If not, put them back in the dryer and heat for another 15-20 minutes.

2. Drying Plush Toys Using Traditional Methods

Drying plush toys in traditional ways means you won't be able to dry them with a hairdryer. There are two main situations:

1) It may contain some plastic parts inside, which may melt it.

2) If your plush toy has no labels or enough information, you need to use traditional methods to dry the plush toys. 

Although this may take more time, it can ensure the safety of the stuffed toy while achieving satisfactory results.

Here's how to use traditional methods to dry plush toys:

Select the plush toys to be cleaned, immerse them in water, and squeeze them constantly to know that the water they absorb is flowing out. You must repeat this work to ensure that the plush toy is thoroughly cleaned.

When you think the quantity is sufficient, remove them and scrub with a mild cleaning solution. If you don't have a lotion, you can also use soap, they have the same effect. Use a toothbrush to make the cleaning deeper. If the surface of the stuffed toy is found to be dirty before cleaning, clean the area during the cleaning process.

After washing with a cleaning solution, the stuffed toy is placed in water, continuously squeezed, and the detergent and foam are extruded. This process needs to be repeated and you will see the sewage flowing out of the plush toy. As the water flowing from the plush toy becomes clearer, your toy is also cleaner.

After cleaning, you need to put the plush toys in a sunny place, not only to dry the toys, but also to disinfect the toys with the sun's ultraviolet rays. After drying, you can get a clean new toy.

When it comes to choosing the way to dry stuffed toys, you need to refer to the drying instructions on the plush toy. Proper drying methods can extend the life of the plush toy. 

If you have other ways to clean plush toys, you can also share them with us.

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