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How Much Does It Cost To Make A plush toy?

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How Much Does It Cost To Make A plush toy?

Making soft plush toys is a family activity that many families choose. In the bright living room, the family sits cross-legged on the ground, with a lot of cloth, cotton and so on. The child made a soft plush toy under the guidance of the parents, and the mistakes from time to time led to a laugh. This is really a matter of promoting parent-child relationships. This article will introduce information about making soft plush toys for toddlers.

This article contains the following:

  • How to make a soft plush toy

  • Materials needed to make soft plush toys

  • What is the cost


1、How to make a soft plush toy

1) First of all, there must be a design of the toy. No matter what kind of toy you have, you have to have a detailed design. This can be designed according to the style that children like, and draw drawings.

2) Second, make a pattern based on the drawings. The pattern you need to make is completely accurate.

3) According to the design of the toy, choose the right fabric already colored. Fabrics need to be environmentally friendly, safer, and confirm the use of some accessories.

4) After selecting the fabric, you need to cut the fabric according to the pattern. You also need to follow the design draft to determine whether you need embroidery or silk screen.

5) After cutting the piece, stitch the eyes, nose and mouth of the cartoon character to the plush fabric with needlework.

6) Then you can sewn. It can also be sewn by hand, but it will be particularly slow and not so beautiful. If you want to make your own soft plush toys different, then you can change the traditional old stitching and change to the stitching stitching, so that the stitched soft plush toy is not only strong, but also highlights the toy’s cute.

7) After sewing the fur, choose the filler to fill, which makes the plush play more three-dimensional. Then handcraft the rest. After the finished product is finished, the unsatisfactory part can be modified and then produced.


2、Materials needed to make soft plush toys

  • The first one is cloth, a variety of cloth, buy more for each color;

A. plush cloth:

a) roll plush: most are granular hair, lamb hair, or hair

The root is bundled and rolled up. Usually used to make more classic toys, the hair length is up to 15mm; the price is much cheaper than the Shanghai style curl.

b) H.P, Haipai curl: usually long hair length, loose curl effect, there are many styles to choose from;

c) super soft material: has begun to use, the material is very soft; pay attention to the original yarn, the price will be different.

d) D.D.F: is a kind of H.P., hard straight, high-grade materials, usually mixed colors.

B. Velboa: a lot of styles, see Fuguang company color card is very clear, in recent years is very popular to make bean bags, most of the TY beanies popular in the United States and Europe are made of this material.

Note: The softness of the rough surface, the quality of the hair is generally poor, but the printed shearing cloth will be a little down, not serious and should be acceptable.

Generally plush (including plush cloth, cut cloth hair), if the weight is low, the hair is easy to fall down and can not stand up. It should be noted that the length of the shearing cloth is not easy, the hair is short, and the cloth looks thin, so it must also Careful inspection, the general hair length should be 2.5-3.5mm, normal is 3.00mm.

C. velvet: similar to shearing cloth, but the hair length is about 1.5-2mm, the elastic relative to the shearing cloth is larger; no hair direction.

D. Nylex, Tricot: It is divided into ordinary quilted fabric (100% Polyster) and nylon woven fabric (Nylon), which are usually used in common type. Production, silk screen printing, embroidery are easier.

E. cotton: used to make higher-grade printed cloth, thicker than T / C cloth.

F. polar fleece; single-sided hair grabbing, double-sided hair, soft, but more flexible. ,

G. Knitted fabric: According to the weight of the weight of the gram, the cotton or T/C is divided, and the elasticity of the fabric is large.

H. nylon cloth: 170T, a kind of nylon cloth. Very thin, cheap, you can consider the inner lining;

I. washed cloth, wrinkled cloth (Nylon Taffeta): the surface of the wrinkles, because it can be washed, some products will be used, but the seam not good to do).

J. other: denim, flash cloth

  • The second one is needlework, which should be equipped with every family;

  • The third is the scissors, which are used to cut back the cloth, in various shapes;

  • The fourth is the doll's eyes, which are sold online, in all shapes and sizes.


3、What is the cost

How much it costs depends on the size of the soft plush toy you make. The required cloth algorithm is as follows. The whole set of the toy paper is drawn on the fabric, and then how many square meters are used, and then the width of the fabric is divided by the square meter, and dividing by 1 is the specific material. For example, after painting, it is 40 cm wide and 50 cm long. The two numbers are multiplied by 0.2 square meters, and the width of the fabric is 1.6 meters. Then divide 1.6 by 0.2 equal to 8, then divide 1 by 8 to 0.125, then your toy. The material used is 0.125 meters. Choose the fabric you are looking for and buy the corresponding length. It is generally recommended to buy more than 20% of the required fabric.


Making a small soft plush toy is a seemingly simple and complicated thing to do. First of all, the shape design of a soft plush toy is a big thing, the color matching, the appearance and size of the soft plush toy. Also choose the right fabric, perhaps on the same soft plush toy, choose a different fabric to match. The filler in the soft plush toy should be harmless and soft. There are also problems including sewing and so on. Therefore, if you make a soft plush toy, you should pay an expensive salary to yourself if you count the manual cost of the production.


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