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Can adults like stuffed animals?

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Can adults like stuffed animals?

Referring to "plush toys" I believe you are familiar with this, but in people's subjective consciousness, stuffed toys are only for children to play, adults do not seem to have them. If you have such a similar idea, I can only say that it is a big mistake. Plush toys are not only toys, but also a kind of dependence and emotional sustenance. So, do adults like plush toys as much as children? What do toys mean to them? The following article gives a brief introduction to these issues.


The summary points are as follows:

✉ Is it “normal” to sleep with your childhood stuffed animals?

✉ The Significance of Plush Toys for Adults

✉ Conclusion


Is it "normal" to sleep with your childhood stuffed animals?

Many people feel that sleeping with their childhood plush toys is an "abnormal" thing, because they think it is too naive, like a child. But is that true? The meaning of them for adults may vary from person to person. The reason why it varies from person to person is that it may be a memory, it may be accompanied, or it may be nothing. For some people, plush toys are a kind of sustenance, such as between lovers and friends, see each other when they see them, maybe it is from parents, parents are not around, but stuffed toys are there. So when sleeping, having them with you is as warm as being with your family. So I think sleeping with my childhood it is a "normal" thing.


The Significance of Plush Toys for Adults

So what is the significance of plush toys for adults?

 (1) They are a substitute for their parents.

Children start sleeping with their parents. When the child is older, the parents will let the child sleep in a room by themselves. Then the child is afraid. Mothers often put one or two stuffed toys in the child's bedroom, especially in the girl's room. The parents use this method to tell them that they are not afraid to sleep with the toys at night. At this time, they have become a substitute for parents.


(2)They represent a personality.

Some people seem quite independent to outsiders, but they like to sleep with toys in their arms. In fact, they are forced to be independent. They are a little timid, and their hearts are not strong.


(3) Toys symbolize one's personality

Growing up, it's no problem sleeping alone. Why do you always hold a plush toy? In fact, they hold not the toy itself, but themselves.

These people are generally introverted, insecure, afraid of loneliness and self-distrust. When a child was sleeping with a doll in his arms, he felt that his parents had abandoned him, so his heart was very sad. But with little power to change, they had to live in fear. This situation lasted for many years at once. And when I have the ability to change, I find myself distressed by the past childhood. But I don't know how to express it. Subconsciously, I only feel comfortable holding a plush toy when I was a child.



So I don't think the love of plush toys has much to do with age. Children can like plush toys as well as adults. It's just that they mean different things to different people. Adults like stuffed toys because they like them personally, because they are under great pressure at work, so that toys can be used as a way of relaxation, and some make up for the regret of childhood when they can’t have toys and find back the joy of childhood. As a result, the trend of adults to play with toys is growing, but there are still many adults who are afraid to laugh at themselves because of their "face" and say they are too young to take action. So, the heart is better than action. Come and take your favorite stuffed toys.

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